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Celebrating Music and Community

Thank you all so much for another amazing year! Can't wait to do it all again!

Artist Grove 

A space to be curious, inspired, create, and experience Art. Drop in and dream with us! Stepping into the Artist Grove you are welcomed to wander through the ‘Co-Lab’ Art gallery where 25 % of all proceeds will go towards the Templeton Music Education, shop and chat with local artisans, relax in the Dream Lounge and participate in free yoga & art classes. 

Co-Lab Artists:

Lauren Harvey (Jewelry, Dream Catchers, Yoga)

Lauren Harvey is a local Yoga teacher and Artist who strives to create work that heals and liberates the human spirit.

Inspired by nature, she uses as much organic material as possible. Constantly growing and learning day to day, her jewelry & art reflects this and is constantly evolving with each unique handmade piece.

Her yoga classes will invite and inspire you to play, move and express a yoga practice as unique as you are, uplifting your mind, body and spirit. She currently teaches all over the central coast and has a diverse background teaching hatha, vinyasa flow, yin & meditation classes.


Lauren Birkhan (Painting, Felting, Workshops)

Lauren is an artist, maker, naturalist, and art teacher. She believes if you're human you are creative. Come check out her paintings of San Luis Obispo County plants, places and animals.Then join Lauren for a collaborative rock painting project on Sunday and Saturday.




Tim Caldwell (Fine Art Painter, Acrylics)

Tim Caldwell, a self-taught painter, started painting in acrylics six years but has had a long string of creative moments. Tim is the type of artist who doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel. As Picasso said, “Bad artists copy. Good Artists steal.”

All Tim asks of life is a constant and exaggerated sense of his own importance. Some of things that will live longest in his memory… never really happened.





Benjamin Zucker

Ben Zucker is a music and landscape photographer from the Central Coast. He's taken advantage of the beautiful locations in the area to capture photos from sunset at the beach to stars on the vineyard back roads. He loves finding inspiration in the nature and community that surrounds him.






Maeve Croghan

Maeve Croghan paints luminescent, color-filled, nature-inspired oil paintings en plein air. After painting directly from nature, she slowly builds the works up in her studio, painting layers of oil paint on in the traditional old master method. During this stage of her process, she draws from her memory and feeling - and does not use photo references.

Maeve’s paintings are in prominent collections all over the United States and Europe.  They have been included in numerous juried art publications and books, including the ‘American Art Collector’, and ‘Artists of Northern California’. Castoro Cellars of Templeton, California uses her paintings to grace their award winning wine bottle labels. 


Charlie Clingman (Forever Stoked Painter)

Charlie Clingman was raised in spacious rural settings which had animals to play with and horses to ride.  This planted the seed for his future exploration and appreciation of nature.  He finds that 20 years of international surfing experience has not only been a great thrill and good exercise but a fine way to observe the water and surrounding landscapes.  He seeks to have his paintings represent the beauty and action he encounters.  Charlie holds a passion for natural dynamics.  He feels that studying from life (plein air/painting outdoors) is essential.  “I am trying to observe things found in nature…colors and shapes…then, your imagination can take it from there…combining spectacular features from different objects and scenes to make a single sublime arrangement,”  he explains. “I try to keep and open mind.  You never know where you will find inspiration.”


Chris Pedersen (Forever Stoked Painter)

Chris Pedersen grew up on the Central Coast of California.  He explored his beautiful surroundings and discovered his drawing talent and creative imagination.

His art career started with a concentration of illustration and graphic design.  Currently Chris is making fine canvas oil paintings.  Chris has maintained the youthful fantasy aspect of possibility.  This dreamy realm fuels concepts which start as sketches and result in handsome well crafted paintings.  “Every time you go surfing it’s a new experience.”  He compares this to his artwork, “When you sit down to draw or create something, you never know what’s going to happen.”


Jesse Roberts

Jesse Roberts is the Creator Director of Rise Up International - a non-profit based in California & Oregon. Rise Up gives people a voice in their community through interactive art, music, and cultural workshops. Jesse has been involved in a variety of art and music projects (murals, festivals, films,) in the Middle East, India, Central America, Eastern Europe, and beyond. Rise Up is opening a new creative space in Atascadero this fall called MAKE. 






Sara Bergh

Sara Bergh is a 26 year-old painter, illustrator, graduate student and craft enthusiast. She works in several different mediums, focusing in graphite and ink drawings as well as oil and acrylic paintings. Her artwork is a direct reflection of her personality and differs depending on which medium she is working in. Being a Gemini, her art often looks as if it’s been done by two completely different artists, catering to her two-sided personality. Her love for the arts has her constantly exploring new fields and mediums to express herself.



Yoga and Wellness:

Lauren Harvey

Lauren’s style to teaching yoga emphasizes the value of each individual’s unique sensitivities & perspective. Her yogini Sanskrit name,Liilavati sums up her philosophy of yoga and life; the expression of the cosmic dance or simply stated as divine play.

With her background in running, she has a strong understanding of overall health, fitness and body awareness. It was through running where she first discovered her love of yoga for the physical support and balance it provided to an active lifestyle along with the philosophy and spirituality that seemed to keep providing gems of knowledge and clarity.


Marin Hinschberger

Marin believes that the traditions of yoga must be wedded with the practical, that spiritual life includes maintaining a healthy sense of humor, and that yoga postures need not be complicated to be beneficial.  Her teaching style is straightforward down-to-earth, and focused on the needs of every-body present.






Bridget Salisbury

Join us for an hour of fun filled partner kids yoga. We will explore our bodies and breathe through movement, partner poses and exploratory shapes. 

Bio: When we connect the breath with movement and slow down the mind we create a space within ourselves to grow. As a teacher Bridget thrives to cultivate an awareness of the psychosomatic connection, while strengthening the muscles, and improving the alignment and overall health of our bodies. Owner of OMNI YOGA in Los Osos, California she completed her 200-hour certification at the Yoga Center in San Luis Obispo, California and she graduated from Antioch University with a BA in Psychology.


Kacey Waxler

Kacey offers yoga students of all abilities a place to laugh, sweat, bliss out, and get a little funky in the process. 





Emily Friedberg

Emily was formally trained in India, but has been practicing yoga more locally since she was a child. A native Californian with a diverse background in various forms of (energetic and physical) healing and therapy, Emily is thrilled to bring yoga (and a love for the great outdoors) to those seeking a space to join in making weird noises and shapes with movement and breath.




Lauren Narayani - Roots Flow Living

Lauren Narayani is a Wellness Counselor on the Central Coast, as well as  online at

Teaching for 11 years, she incorporates it into her Lifestyle Program "Roots Flow Living": Providing Nutritional Counseling, Personal Training,Global Retreats & Classes with the support of her background as a Western Herbalist, Reiki Master, & Pilates instructor." Let the practice be thy medicine".




Kim Dodge

Kim Dodge is a 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor from San Luis Obispo, CA.  She is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Kim practices yoga for alignment, injury prevention, in a busy world. She loves connecting with her students on an individual level and is excited to learn from everyone on their mat at Beaverstock!




Melissa Latimer

Heart & shoulder openers to feel the love & spread your wings! Mel’s passion for encouraging joyfulness and spiritual awakening is exemplified in her teaching practices. Her approach is light hearted, yet thorough, sprinkled with southern charm and humor. Her desire to reach students at various levels of practice creates a down to earth approach.


Kaylen Gleason

Drop the kids by for some fun yoga storytelling, animal poses, and relaxing breathing and stretching.

(Parents are encouraged to stay and participate with the wee ones) 
Bio: Kaylen has been enjoying the yoga community for 8 years now, and teaching for 6 years.
She earned her 200 hr RYT Certification at The Expanding Light Teacher Training at Ananda Village in Nevada City, California and came back transformed- body mind and spirit! Kaylen teaches Ananda yoga around North County and it blesses her to witness students come back to the roots of yoga- the deep spiritual journey that it is. She loves teaching kids and watching them come alive while they awaken their inner joy, play in their poses, and embrace their powerful bodies!