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Whale Rock Disc Golf Course

The Whale Rock Disc Golf Course is a premier 18 hole course located in our Whale Rock Vineyard off HWY 46 West. Check in at the Tasting Room and enjoy a fantastic day amongst the vines!

Whale Rock Wine Down Tourney

2 YR Anniversary

Tournament Results:

Jeff Russell 51 1st Place

Stan Pratt 51 2nd Place

Nick Guarasci 51 3rd Place

Andrea Aracil 59 1st Place

Adriana Ruiz 62 2nd place 

Jessica Garrett 64 3rd Place

Tyler Clark 62

Sean Z 72

Derek Cox 67

Danny Cox 68

Cyndie Cervantes 80

Tim Inglish 62

Jason Garrett 54 

Jeff Kane 56

Dan Miller 61

Pamela Mitchell 71

Buddy Mitchell 64

Spencer Waldren 58

Chris Jones 62

Brandon Schwitter 77

Chris McElrath 58

Skyler Oatman 59

Ben Farrington 61

Brendan Paskach 65

Joel Duganne 56

Conor Pogue 63

Dennis Warsen 53

Brett Ebner 61

Chelsea Fletcher 86

Alfredo Ruiz 55

John Mikeslo 62

Mike Leach 79

James Mattheis 73

Nick Hindley 63

Nicolas Jimenez 56

Armando Guzman 59

Paul Weber 61

Mike Ortalda 62

Randall Kong 59

Chuck Silva 66

Marty Hovdal 78

Al Jacobs 74

Erick Wilt 66

Stanley Wilt 59

Andrew Castro 57

Lisa Chavera 79

Rene Guillen 67

Shannon Elver 80

Ruben Gonzales 55

Laurence Duterte 55

Jon Hovdal 66

Donal Gallegos 61

Zachary Ramirez 64

Joel Delval 71

Michelle Craig 95

Anthony Jones 64

Nick Shannon 68

Stanley Wilt 59

Craig Dobbs 85

Jim Franta 73

Dave Buck-Moyer 73

Bimmer Udsen 73

Niels Udsen 66

Luke Udsen 55

Max Udsen 47

Paul Hinschberger 59

Evan Baker 52

Robert Garcia 64


The Whale Rock Wine Down Tourney is our annual fun spirited celebration of the course’s introduction in 2014. This tournament is held to appreciate the beautiful disc golf community on the Central Coast and beyond that have made this course thrive for 2 years! You are all the heart and soul of this place; we thank you.

This non-PDGA sanctioned event gives you a chance to get out with your fellow disc golfers and toss a stress free round enjoying what you love most about the sport. Take the edge off slightly but compete at a high, constructive level. There are some great prizes and giveaways to be had! The round is capped off at the Castoro Cellars tasting room with a local catered lunch and wine + beer tasting galore.

Thank your for your support in making WRDGC a world class disc golf course and for respecting it as a place to foster a healthy community of plastic throwing friends.

Come celebrate with us!!! Cheers to many more!